Going Green

Onsite Recycling
In partnership with Coca-Cola and Swarthout Recycling, The Glen is proud to offer our fans the best way to enjoy racing in an environmentally responsible way.  Beyond simply recycling, we will reward you with sponsor prizes and VIP access during the 2014 Sprint Cup weekend. Please see below on how you can help keep The Glen beautiful and thank you for participating.

Sorted Recycling for prizes/tickets
Near each campground Town Hall location you will find a sorted recycling redemption booth.  Please hand in your sorted green bags for prizes and remember to get your redemption card stamped.  After you have collected 6 stamps, bring your card to the kiosk to get yourself a FREE Pre-Race Ceremonies access wristband to that weekend's main event.  Enter as many times as you like.  Multiple redemption cards may be redeemed.

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