What’s included with Glentopia?

  • Weekend Esses Grandstand ticket

  • Weekend FanVision rental

  • Camping in Glentopia Camping Area (tents only)

  • Fan Walk access on Sunday morning

  • $10 food voucher (redeemable at any Americrown concession stand)

  • VIP pass to all concerts

  • Glentopia parking pass

How much is it?

  • $200 per person for the whole weekend

How much am I saving?

  • $545 per person. Over $2,500 for a group of 5 and over $5,000 for a group of 10

What should I bring?

  • Dust off that old tent you haven’t used since middle school

  • And that old sleeping bag while you’re at it

  • A small luggage lock for tent (please don't bring any valuables. If you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)

  • Warm clothes for cool nights, including a sweater or coat

  • Rain gear, just in case

  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/ hat for shade (limit one fedora per crew)

  • Ear plugs

  • Camera/ camera phone

  • ID

  • Cash/card

  • Party pants

  • Clear bag for merchandise purchased

  • Food/drinks

  • Cooler for campsite and small, soft-sided cooler or bag for grandstand

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Small grill for cooking at campsite. Small portable propane camp stoves will be allowed. No charcoal grills, please.

  • Bottled water

  • A flag or balloon to identify your campsite

  • Lawn chair(s)

When should I arrive?

  • Glentopia camping open at 7:00 AM on Thursday, August 2nd and ends on Monday, August 6th at 12:00 PM

Can I bring my own food/drinks?

  • You can bring all of the food and drinks you want into the Glentopia Camping Area, but certain restrictions apply for the grandstands. Please refer to our guest guide for details. You must be 21 years or older to consume alcoholic beverages.

Can I bring my foldable beer pong table from college?

  • Yes, if that’s still a thing

Can I bring a ping pong table?

  • No.

Can I wear my American flag tank top?

  • Yes. In fact, we encourage that. ‘MERICA.

Will Ricky Bobby be there?

  • Never heard that one…

What do my tickets mean?

  • You will receive a Glentopia credential, which will give you access to the Glentopia Camping area, fan walk on Sunday morning and VIP access to all concerts

  • Your admission ticket and Glentopia credential must be with you at all times. The admission ticket grants you access into the facility, as well as guarantees you a reserved seat in the Esses Grandstand for the big race on Sunday

  • Your FanVision voucher can be redeemed at any FanVision kiosk inside the facility.

  • Your food voucher can be redeemed at any Americrown concession stand inside the facility

  • Your Glentopia parking pass must be kept in your car at all times and in clear view

Should I bring extra money?

  • Yes, bring money to purchase merchandise, concessions, beverages, etc…

Will there be ice available?

  • Yes, we have ice carts that drive around offering ice for sale. Bring cash to pay for it

Are there ATM’s if I forget to bring cash or run out?

  • There are ATM’s throughout the facility. Please refer to the facility map for locations

My parents said I could borrow their RV. Can I bring that?

  • No. Tent camping only

Can I bring my own firewood?

  • New York State law regulates that you can only bring firewood that has been purchased within a 50-mile radius of The Glen or moved from within 50 miles of its place of origin. There are vendors set up along the road near the track who will sell you firewood, which you may bring in since it originates from within the 50 mile radius

Where should I park?

  • There will be a reserved Glentopia Parking Area near the Glentopia Camping Area. Each package comes with one weekend parking pass. If you’re coming as a large group, we recommend carpooling to ensure there’s enough space for everyone to park.

My friend didn’t purchase a Glentopia package and wants to visit. What should he/she do?

  • First, shame on him/her. Secondly, they may visit you as long as they have a weekend admission ticket, but they can’t park in the Glentopia Parking or Camping areas. We offer free daytime parking around the outside of the facility, which they can walk from to visit you.

Can I camp in my car?

  • No. Tent camping only

Can I bring my bike?

  • For your safety and the safety of others, please don’t bring your bike

Will there be showers/bathrooms on-site?

  • Yes, there are free bathrooms and showers on-site. There are also portable bathrooms throughout the whole facility. Please refer to facility map for shower/ bathroom locations.

Are pets allowed?

  •  Yes, pets are allowed in campgrounds ONLY and must be kept on a six foot leash at all times. Please clean up any "debris" left behind by your pet.

    NOTE: Service animals are admitted anywhere with their handler.

Where do I pick up my will-call tickets?

  • Will call tickets can be picked up at the ticket office during normal business hours, located on the corner of County Route 16 and Bronson Hill Road. When the Ticket Office is closed, you can still pick up your tickets at Gate 2.

    NOTE: If you order your tickets after 3:00 p.m., they will not be available for pick-up until 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

What can I bring into the grandstands?

What happens if I get lost?

Can we bring fireworks or Chinese lanterns?

  • No, to both

Will my cell phone work at The Glen?

  • We haven’t experienced any issues on site

I won’t be able to get there until really late on (insert day), it’s a long story. What should I do?

  • It’s okay. If your tickets are in will call, you can pick them up at Gate 2 if the ticket office is already closed. Most gates are open 24 hours per day. Please refer to the latest weekend schedule to check gate times for entry. Campgrounds are open 24 hours per day.

What is security going to be like?

  • Event staff - including trained, professional security, mounted (horse) patrols and police - will be present in and around the grounds for the entire duration of the event.

Will there be a lost & found? (keys, phone, wallet, etc…)

  • Yes, it’s located at the Watkins Glen International Operations Center or you can visit here to see if your lost item has been turned in

Will there be first aid on site?

  • Yes. First Aid stations will be on site, clearly visible to find, and clearly marked on the maps.

What happens if I lose my ticket/credential/food voucher/ FanVision/ parking pass?

  • It’s your responsibility to keep track of all items. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items

Am I going to have a good time?

  • It’s the biggest/best party of the summer. You decide. Oh, plus there will be the best drivers in the world in amazing cars battling on North America’s premier road course.

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