The Shop – Legacy Brick Program


Watkins Glen International has created an iconic structure for loyal supporters of The Glen to etch their name into history at their favorite track. This program will allow fans to purchase and customize bricks that will make up the base of a one-of-a-kind statue, located in the heart of the infield near The Pyramid store, depicting the outline of the historic road course. Don’t miss your opportunity to forever be a part of Watkins Glen International racing history.

  • For more information on securing your brick, contact Sarah Yarrington at [email protected].


“Thank you very much for the Eternal Fan Certificate – it looks beautiful! I also wish to thank you for each wonderful experience that I have at Watkins Glen International. Your effort to make and keep the venue what it is has been impeccable. I feel that WGI is the finest venue in all of motorsports, easy to understand why it’s voted as such year after year.

The Glen really is a home away from home for me, it’s woven into my internal fabric. It’s my fiber, so to speak. I always look forward to the entertaining racing, sunshine, activities, unique food, and wonderful hospitality at each event that you and your staff bring to the grid. Please take a bow. I’ve been coming since 2009, and can’t wait to work Lap 11 with you guys this summer!

Lastly, just know that you’ll always have an eternal fan and loving brother here. It’s a joy to share race weekends with you, I’ll be coming until my last breath. Have a wonderful day and weekend, see you soon! Keep that throttle down!”

– Ken Hudak (Pittsburgh, PA)


“Our NASCAR life began in the 80’s at WGI. We met, we partied, we got autographs from our favorite drivers at meet and greets, and enjoyed the heart pounding races only The Glen can deliver!

Ultimately we did the awesome “Drive the Glen” experience that ended with our engagement at the Start /Finish Line! WGI to us IS racing!!!”

– Char and Dave Schall (Kernersville, NC)


“My Dad died at the beginning of this year – He came to the inaugural races in 1948 and brought my 2 brothers and I to the Grand Prix’s of the 60’s – The 4 of us have been coming to the Glen for 57 years and it remains as one of the most unique places to come multiple times each year.

It has been and continues to be a place my brothers and I come together on race weekends and create some special memories.

The 4 of us now have bricks around each other in the Eternal Fan Memorial – Seeing it this year was very emotional knowing Dad will no longer be with us on those hallowed grounds – It’s so well done. Whoever’s idea this was is my hero, I wish I could meet him/her.

Our Dad gave us our greatest experiences being with him at Watkins Glen – Being able to memorialize him is our tribute to what he gave us – A lifetime of special experiences.”

– Bill Bennett (Rochester, NY)